Text Box: How it works?

      Bank and stock account balances and transfers

      Surveys and polls

      Call center forwarding

      Simple order entry transactions

      Ticketing and Reservation

      IT Enabled Services

      Hotels, Airline & Train Ticket Enquiry & booking Centers



The first part of the sentence (in italics) is fixed, and the second part (bold) is picked from a database. The fixed part is pre- recorded (or canned) voice file, which never changes. However, the second part changes from caller to caller. The account balance number is picked from the database or calculated, converted to voice and spoken out. The conversion for numbers, currencies, dates and characters ( A, B, C, etc) can happen automatically inside the IVR. For doing this IVR system must incorporate algorithms for the languages (e.g. English, Hindi) that it supports. Hence you should specify the languages that you want the IVR to support, and explicitly confirm with the vendor that it is possible.


However, few IVRs pick text from a database field and speak it out (e. g. weather service that accepts city STD code from the caller, picks the text of the current weather for that city from a database field, and speaks it out). Such systems require an additional component called text to speech engine. Such engines accept text and convert it to voice. Though this voice cannot replicate human voice, it is quite close. These engines are generally available in English and other world languages only. No other Indian language is supported as of now.


Example 2. You call a courier company to track your packet, and it speaks out:


Your packet number 123456 dated July 3 was delivered on July 5


The portions in bold are the ones where data was picked from a database and spoken to the caller.


Example 3 . An example of TTS (text to speech) engine is if the courier company speaks out: Your packet number 123456 dated July 3 was delivered on July 5, and was accepted by Mr. Murli


The part in italics is text picked from a database, converted to speech and appended to the whole voice string.


Text Box: Common IVR Applications

            Entertainment Industry

            Complaint Booking and Customer Support Centers

            Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions

            Banks, Finance and Credit Corporations

            Tele- Marketing Industry Outbound Calls


            Result Announcements

            Courier companies



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